Ten times lighter than steel, without compromising structural strength.

Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminum

An all metal quick-connect piping system. Infinity offers high performance and versatility in a lightweight, easy to install and easily modified system.

Uses world’s most accepted grooved fitting design

Mechanical firms already use and understand our coupling technology, ensuring installations can be done by any qualified contractor. Corrosion free by nature and low cost of ownership by design make Elevation the right choice for your piping system project.

Elevation provides a simple solution for large air / gas / vacuum users, and is without a doubt, the easiest and fastest system to install. It has the lowest cost of ownership and the best quality of media delivery available.

Elevation Works for You

  • Lightest product in the market—1/10th the weight of steel (same diameter)
  • Fastest installed system—compared to all others available
  • Structurally as strong as carbon steel
  • Manufactured from non-corrosive marine grade aluminum—guaranteed highest quality air delivery
  • Superior construction and design—allows highest flow rates and lowest pressure drops
  • System flexibility—simple modifications and/or additions
  • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials

Non-Corrosive Marine Grade Aluminum Tubing

  • Marine grade aluminum construction—prevents rust and system deterioration
  • Zero corrosion—eliminates expensive production downtime and dramatically reduces maintenance costs
  • Smooth internal diameter—ensuring higher flow rates with less turbulence than traditional iron pipe throughout the life of the system
  • High quality powder coat finish
  • Lowest cost of ownership available