TPE High-Flex Ethernet Cables

High-Flex Ethernet Cordsets

High-flex Ethernet cordsets are a member of Phoenix Contact’s North American cabling portfolio. The increased complexity of automated processes is driving demand for network cables that can do more in limited space. Ethernet cables and cordsets can be run next to power circuits and have Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability and increased longevity in demanding industrial and robotic applications

As Ethernet networking continues to grow, its use in industrial areas where equipment is close to high-voltage cabling increases. In addition to where Ethernet cables can go, what Ethernet cables can do is also expanding. Flex ratings (with a proper bend radius) have increased to allow for use beyond static applications. PoE is also changing the way Ethernet cables are used. Already in use in the commercial world for devices such as surveillance cameras, PoE is growing in popularity for the industrial world as well. Phoenix Contact’s cable material is PoE-compliant when installed per recommendations in TIA TSB-184. Phoenix Contact’s 600 volt-rated UL AWM 2463 Ethernet cable jacket meets NFPA 79 requirements to be run together with high-voltage power and signal cables. This benefit saves space and cost by eliminating the need to route Ethernet cables in separate paths.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lateral flex bend cycles: up to 20 million cycles
  • Torsional flex cycles: up to 4.8 million cycles
  • Voltage rating (cable jacket): 600 V
  • Wire size: 24 AWG
  • Shielding style: SF/UTP


  • Robotics
  • Integrators/cabinet builders/panel shops
  • Factory automation
  • Machine builders
  • Surveillance (IP cameras for facilities or cities)
  • Vision cameras (quality inspection)
  • Network infrastructure (office to machine)