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Size TruLink Part Number
73mm 3/4″ FNPT TC10-73-12F
73mm 1″ FNPT TC10-73-16F
73mm 1- 1/2″ FNPT TC10-73-24F
73mm 2″ FNPT TC10-73-32F
73mm 2 -1/2″ FNPT TC10-73-40F
90mm 3/4″ FNPT TC10-90-12F
 90mm 1″ FNPT TC10-90-16F
90mm 1 -1/2″ FNPT TC10-90-24F
90mm 2″ FNPT TC10-90-32F
90mm 2 -1/2″ FNPT TC10-90-40F
115mm 3/4″ FNPT TC10-115-12F
115mm 1″ FNPT TC10-115-16F
115mm 1 -1/2″ FNPT TC10-115-24F
115mm 2″ FNPT TC10-115-32F
115mm 2 -1/2″ FNPT TC10-115-40F
168mm 3/4″ FNPT TC10-168-12F
168mm 1″ FNPT TC10-168-16F
168mm 1 -1/2″ FNPT TC10-168-24F
168mm 2″ FNPT TC10-168-32F
168mm 2-1/2 FNPT TC10-168-40F
90mm x 73mm TC11-90-73
115mm x 73mm TC11-115-73
 115mm x 90mm TC11-115-90
168mm x 73mm TC11-168-73
168mm x 90mm TC11-168-90
168mm x 115mm TC11-168-115
220mm x 73mm TC11-220-73
220mm x 90mm TC11-220-90
220mm x 115mm TC11-220-115
220mm x 168mm TC11-220-168



Completely designed, engineered, and manufactured by AST, TruLink combines the proven reliability, safety, and installation ease of the past with cutting edge material, engineering, and manufacturing technology.

TruLink is manufactured from high quality, marine-grade aluminum to provide the highest level of protection against corrosion. Our smooth bore, extruded tubing is manufactured in the USA and ensures that the media traveling through a system encounters very little turbulence, while enabling high flow rates with minimal pressure losses compared to conventional steel systems.

By utilizing aluminum, we guarantee a 30-55% weight reduction over traditional systems -making TruLink easy to install and modify. Also, aluminum is the best material choice for corrosion and rust resistance, so the system will remain operating at maximum efficiency for the duration of use.


  • All Aluminum System
  • Compatible with Common Groove Technology
  • 2x Deeper Tubing Engagements
  • Seven industry leading patented technologies
  • Leak Free Guarantee @ 230 psi, 300°F
  • Zero Rust & Corrosion
  • Food Grade Compliant
  • 30-55% Lighter Weight than Traditional Systems
  • Long Radius Elbows, Threaded Elbows
  • Fitting Size Clearly Identified on Casting
  • Automated Assembly in the USA
  • Installation ready upon delivery
  • Lifetime warranty covering all piping and fittings

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CTC Fitting Size

73mm 2 1/2" FNPT, 73mm 2" FNPT, 73mm 1 1/2" FNPT, 73mm 1" FNPT, 73mm 3/4" FNPT, 90mm x 1 1/2" FNPT, 90mm x 73mm, 90mm 2 1/2" FNPT, 90mm x 1" FNPT, 90mm 2" FNPT, 90mm 3/4" FNPT, 115mm x 90mm, 115mm 1" FNPT, 115mm x 73mm, 115 3/4" FNPT, 115mm 2 1/2" FNPT, 115mm 2" FNPT, 115mm 1 1/2" FNPT, 168mm 2 1/2" FNPT, 168mm 2" FNPT, 168mm 1 1/2" FNPT, 168mm 1" FNPT, 168mm 3/4" FNPT, 168mm x 115mm, 168mm x 90mm, 168mm x 73mm, 220mm x 168mm, 220mm x 115mm, 220mm x 90mm, 220mm x 73mm