Why Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum tubing has proven to be the perfect distribution system for compressed air, and Inert gases due to is light weight, superior longevity and ease of installation.


How long will an aluminum system last?

Our system (tubing and fittings) are backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty.


PVC is light and inexpensive. Can I use it?

PVC works well for water, but for compressed gases its just plain dangerous. In fact: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) has banned the use of PVC for compressed air in most applications since 1989.


Can I connect to my existing black iron or copper system

Absolutely! Our systems are designed to accommodate. We have transitional fittings that connect to any system with National Standard Pipe Threads.


How quick can I get tubing and fittings?

Our Distributor Partners are located across North America ready to serve you. In addition, we have 2 large stocking warehouses (NC and NV) to insure your never waiting on parts.


Do I need to hire a plumber or Professional installer?

Owners of our system have completed numerous installation projects on there own with no specialty tooling required. In fact, our ½”–1.5” sizes are simple push-to-connect installation. We always recommend consulting with a professional from one of our distributors before tacking any job, if your unsure about your ability or have safety concerns.


How do I get started?

Simply contact us and our team of experts will get you directly in touch with a distributor in your area that can assist you with system design, parts selection, sales and installation.