Born of Necessity

AST was formed in 2005 to fill a substantial void in the market. Our driving force was a passion to provide a better solution than the black iron and copper plumbing products that were the industry standard for compressed air distribution. Our founders knew there had to be a better way. As we have grown and continued our exploration to create better and better products, we have held fast to the personal attention we feel is central to our culture. Contrary to what happens with growth in many companies.

the best minds in the business

We maintain large stocks of inventory and have experts always at the ready to provide the best solution for your needs. Then we ship 99% of those orders that same day. A careful balance of strong growth, personal service, and superior quality is how we became—and intend to remain—the industry leader. That’s why we can offer a lifetime warranty on every system.

Our Promise

We are 100% committed to supplying the finest products available to our customers and always doing our best to exceed their expectations. Our Lifetime Warranty is a testament to that pledge. We strive to continue to be the leader in our field. Never the follower. We will develop new and innovative products that revolutionize the piping industry. Bottom line…. aluminum piping is what we do… Nothing else. That’s our product… That’s our focus… That’s why we are the experts in our field.

End-to-end commitment to excellence

Most companies in this industry offer a flimsy or 10-year warranty, but we at AST aim to be the best there is. That’s why we offer an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty covering all pipe and fittings for our Infinity™ and Elevation™ compressed air product lines. How can AST do this? Through our commitment to everyday excellence and delivering customer satisfaction like nobody else.