Safety Coupler

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Enhance the safety of every workstation. The Safety Coupler reduces the risk of whipping hose accidents. Perfect for installations on air outlets that supply hoses to prevent disconnection injuries.

  • Allows user to release energy before removing plug to prevent whipping hoses
  • Fits industrial 1/4" interchange plugs
  • Meets ISO 4414 standards
  1. Slide sleeve to disconnect and exhaust air.
  2. Air exhausts. Plug is captured.
  3. Safely remove plug from coupler.
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Applied System Technologies is proud to back our products with our Lifetime Warranty program, covering all pipe and fittings for the Infinity™ and Elevation™ compressed air product lines. We are 100% committed to supplying the finest products available to our customers and always doing our best to exceed their expectations. This Lifetime Warranty is a testament to that commitment.