Quick-Fit by Infinity

Quick-Fit by Infinity has been designed with many industries in mind. It is ideal for simple home garage users, high-tech machine builders, conveyor manufacturers, and more. The unique features of Quick-Fit are its lightweight marine grade aluminum tubing, which will never corrode, and its solid brass nickel plated fittings. When the two components are combined you achieve unparalleled quality in a system that can be installed in literally seconds. Using nothing more than a simple tube cutter and deburring tool, even the most complex systems can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional piping systems.

Once installed you will be amazed at your system’s appearance and enhanced performance. Its lightweight design enables Quick-Fit to be installed anywhere, with no special mounting requirements. Quick-Fit truly is in a class of its own. Highest quality, durability, flexibility, and all at an affordable cost.

Quick-fit Advantages

  • Instant push-connect design
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Strong / durable all metal system
  • Non-corrosive components
  • Simple and fast push connect system
  • Unique flexibility