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Electronic Time Drain Valves

Regular uninterrupted condensate drainage.

Condensate poses a serious threat to compressed air systems. Failure to carryout regular draining will result in serious equipment damage and costly system disruption. The IDV guarantees regular uninterrupted condensate drainage from your compressed air systems. Inlet power of 24-240v 50/60Hz required.


  • Simple controls to set frequency and duration of drain opening
  • Indicator light illuminates when valve is open
  • Large drain orifice prevents nuisance drain blockages
  • Test button to check for proper functioning and condensate flow
  • Ball valve for safe maintenance of strainer
  • Easy cleaning access with included stainless steel strainer

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Infinity DRI Water Removers

Protection from condensate contamination.

Protect important and sensitive equipment and tools from condensate contamination from the compressed air distribution line. The Water Remover filters water from the compressed air stream by passing the air through a coalescing process to form water droplets, which are then removed from the air stream and discharged through the automatic drain valve.

  • Removes 99%+ of water droplets from the compressed air line
  • Normally open float drain automatically discharges condensate
  • Sight glass to allow visual inspection for proper operation
  • Long life filtration element

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Lockable Exhausting Valves

Easy, reliable, and safe for your facility.

Improve the safety in your facility by making lock-out / tag-out easy and reliable. This manually operated valve can be used to prevent accidents caused by residual pressure in pneumatic lines. When closed, in the exhaust position, this valve will release the downstream air pressure through the bottom exhaust port.

  • OSHA lockout ready with cast lock tabs
  • Exhausting for safe air system maintenance
  • Optional muffler available to silence the exhaust
  • Compact design for tight spaces when connecting to equipment
  • Easy to read SUP for supply and EXH for exhaust modes

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Opti-Pro Hose Reels

Opti-Pro hose reels provide better safety and efficiency when hoses are needed to power tools or equipment. The Opti-Pro hose reel keeps hoses off the floor to reduce the risk of trip or slip hazards. These reels also protect the hose, preventing kinks and other damage, which translates to additional uptime and reduced pressure loss to the tool or equipment. The Opti-Pro hose reel comes with hose installed, and includes a 2.5 foot whip hose to connect to your compressed air piping system. Opti-Pro hose reels are also suitable for inert gases, water, (and other fluids, please consult with factory) up to 300psi.

Standard Features

  • 5′ x 1/2″ connecting hose with swivel
  • Pre-loaded with Parker 7290 hose
  • Four-way pinch free roller system
  • Snag free, adjustable hose stop
  • Full port, bronze, pressure balanced swivel
  • 7 position guide-arm
  • Heavy duty, fatigue resistant return spring
  • Heavy gauge steel pedestal powder coated
  • 5-year warranty reel, hose warranty 1 year
  • Made in USA

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Opticlean Oil / Water Separators

The Need For Opticlean

Oil-injected air compressor condensate is known to contain carryover oil at levels in excess of the allowable amounts or limits in almost all regions of the world. The EPA has strict standards about the disposal of these oils that get mixed with water during the compression process due to concerns about waste water treatment and ground water contamination. The fines for non-compliance can be severe!

Federal regulations restrict contaminants to less than 40 ppm for compressor condensate. However, local codes may be even more strict. Typical compressor condensate has 500-3000 ppm of contaminants. When properly sized and installed, Opticlean can reduce the contaminants in your compressor condensate to less than 10 ppm, for the life of the unit.

The Opticlean system has been designed to provide the most cost-effective means of removing virtually all hydrocarbons through an active filtration process. This approach utilizes a molecular sieve that removes the hydrocarbons from the condensate stream. Utilizing a natural substrate that is modified to create an ionic charge, the system attracts the hydrocarbons to active sites and bonds the hydrocarbons to the natural substrate. This active filtration helps achieve a higher utilization of the media bed providing an industry leading capacitance. Due to the bonding of the hydrocarbons to the substrate, temperature variations and vibration will not dislodge the hydrocarbons from the substrate.

  • Advanced molecular filtration
  • Internal decompression chamber
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Sleek design with minimal footprint
  • Industry leading capacitance
  • Laboratory tested, field proven results
  • Less than 10 ppm for life of product
  • Maintenance free life cycle

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Optiflo Flow Controllers

Less waste, maximum efficiency.

Optiflo is an advanced technology designed to optimize your compressed air usage. Every air system, no matter how good, has leaks. When reducing an air system’s working pressure, the volume of air lost through leakage is dramatically reduced. The reduction in lost air volume directly relates to power savings on the running of your air compressor and increases your bottom line. Even tools benefit. Air tools are designed to work at specific pressures, so ensuring the correct pressure to your tools will optimize their performance, increase life, and reduce maintenance, all in addition to preventing wasted energy. Installing an Optiflo in your system will not only provide considerable power savings, but also increase the life expectancy of your compressor and radically reduce maintenance costs. Minimizing lost air volume will reduce the amount of time your compressor has to run. The less it runs, the longer its life expectancy and the less maintenance it will require.

  • Significantly Reduce Energy
  • Improve Productivity
  • Enhance Compressor Life
  • Minimize Maintenance Costs

Optiflo 10/7 Equation

Every 10 psi in plant pressure reduction will gain you 7% energy savings. Installing an Optiflo in conjunction with suitable storage, allows compressed air to be stored at a high pressure while delivering consistent, low-pressure air to the balance of the system.

Typical Compressor Usage

  • 15 HP (11kw) compressor running 3000 hours per year at 10¢ per KW = $3,300 annual power cost.

Savings With Optiflo

  • 20 psi uses 14% less power = $462 savings
  • 30 psi uses 21% less power = $693 savings
  • 70 psi uses 49% less power = $1,617 savings

Optiflo Features

  • Nitrile seals for high level of chemical resistance.
  • Balanced valve design is the most robust available and provides immediate response to changes in air demands.
  • NPT threads to connect easily to new or existing pipe systems.
  • Glycol filled, stainless steel dual gauge design for easy reference of pressure at inlet and outlet.
  • Unit can be fixed to wall or secured directly to the piping system
  • Powder coated steel chassis for enhanced durability.
  • Tamper proof dial centrally located for quick adjustment and easy calibration.
  • Unit can be ordered for left to right or right to left flow to meet your install needs.
  • Compatible with both rotary and reciprocating compressor technology

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Point of Use Solutions

DRI Package

  • Includes lockable exhausting valve, muffler, water remover, 4 port manifold, and mounting bracket
  • Fully assembled
  • Perfect for multiple hose connections where water in the air lines has been an issue.

IVM Unit

  • Includes lockable exhausting valve, 4 port manifold, and mounting bracket
  • Fully assembled
  • Ideal for air drops that supply equipment that require frequent maintenance that requires de-energizing and lock-out tag-out.

IVWR Package

  • Includes lockable exhausting valve, water remover, and mounting bracket
  • Fully assembled
  • Perfect for isolating and removing water from compressed air branches with multiple drops.

WRM Package

  • Includes water remover, 4 port manifold, and mounting bracket
  • Fully assembled
  • Simple solution to eliminate water from damaging tools or equipment.

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Safety Couplers

Enhance the safety of every workstation. The Safety Coupler reduces the risk of whipping hose accidents. Perfect for installations on air outlets that supply hoses to prevent disconnection injuries.

  • Allows user to release energy before removing plug to prevent whipping hoses.
  • Fits industrial 1/4” interchange plugs.
  • Meets ISO 4414 standards

Working Pressure:
-14 to 217psi (-0.99 to 15bar)

Temperature Range: -4 ̊ to 176 ̊F (-20 ̊ to 80 ̊C)

Media: Compressed Air, Vacuum, Inert Gas

Body: Nickel Plated Brass

Sleeve: Technopolymeric

  1. Slide sleeve to disconnect and exhaust air.
  2. Air exhausts. Plug is captured.
  3. Safely remove plug from coupler.

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Ultra-flex Manifolds

  • Aluminum body
  • 2 or 4 x 1/2” NPTF outlet ports versions
  • 1/2” or 3/4” NPTF inlet
  • Includes mounting bracket that allows for multiple port orientation
  • Easily connects to create larger manifolds using 82280N-08-08
  • Drain port makes condensate removal easy with petcock, drip leg, or drain valve

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Zero Loss Drain Valves

Outstanding value, high quality drain valves.

The ZLD provides the most cost-effective way to drain condensate from your compressed air equipment and distribution system. ZLD drains are the only valve in its class that has a built-in particulate strainer to prevent the discharge valve from clogging. High quality electronics allow for local and remote monitoring of drain functionality.

  • Dependable condensate removal
  • Maintenance free level sensors
  • Stainless Steel internal strainer
  • State of the art electronics with local and remote monitoring capability
  • Intelligent fail-safe operating functionality
  • Compact design to fit in compressor rooms
  • 90-260v /1/60
  • Operating pressure 12 to 232psi

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