Infinity Water Remover

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Protect important and sensitive equipment and tools from condensate contamination from the compressed air distribution line. The Water Remover filters water from the compressed air stream by passing the air through a coalescing process to form water droplets, which are then removed from the air stream and discharged through the automatic drain valve.


  • Removes 99%+ of water droplets from the compressed air line
  • Normally open float drain automatically discharges condensate
  • Sight glass to allow visual inspection for proper operation
  • Long life filtration element
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Applied System Technologies is proud to back our products with our Lifetime Warranty program, covering all pipe and fittings for the Infinity™ and Elevation™ compressed air product lines. We are 100% committed to supplying the finest products available to our customers and always doing our best to exceed their expectations. This Lifetime Warranty is a testament to that commitment.