Electronic Timer Drain Valves

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Condensate poses a serious threat to compressed air systems. Failure to carryout regular draining will result in serious equipment damage and costly system disruption. The IDV guarantees regular uninterrupted condensate drainage from your compressed air systems. Inlet power of 24-240v 50/60Hz required.


  • Simple controls to set frequency and duration of drain opening
  • Indicator light illuminates when valve is open
  • Large drain orifice prevents nuisance drain blockages
  • Test button to check for proper functioning and condensate flow
  • Ball valve for safe maintenance of strainer
  • Easy cleaning access with included stainless steel strainer
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Applied System Technologies is proud to back our products with our Lifetime Warranty program, covering all pipe and fittings for the Infinity™ and Elevation™ compressed air product lines. We are 100% committed to supplying the finest products available to our customers and always doing our best to exceed their expectations. This Lifetime Warranty is a testament to that commitment.